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Paperback books

  • Available sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5. In case of other sizes you should choose next standard size,
  • Paperback cover, glued. Cover made of one-side coated paperboard 250g/m2,
  • Cover’s surface is laminating with matt or gloss,
  • Black-and-white or color text pages are printed on: white uncoated paper in grammages: 70-90 g/m2. cream bulk Eccobook v2.0. 70 g/m2 , coated mat or gloss in grammages 100-200 g/m2 , Munken Print Cream v1.5 90g/,
  • To get the best price the number of pages must be divided by 4,
  • If a book will be printed with bleeds, they must be included in the book’s size which you chosen. For example bleeds added to a book with a maximum size of A5 will be calculated as a size A5+.
Basic parameters
Standard sizes
Inside block size
x mm
Price range of the sizes
Bleeds for inside block
Quantity copies
Shrink wrappedyes 
PLEASE NOTE! NEW! We have installed the first in Europe inkjet TruepressJet 520 EX SCREEN roll printer on the books market.
You are welcome to order free samples of books printed in new technology.
We present you example prices for books in all available for us technologies.
Prices for the calculation of a sample book A5, 200 pages 1/1, paper Munken Cream 90 gsm, cover 4/0 for different print runs and different inside block print technologies.
Paperback price for 1 copy
Quantity 500 1000 2000
toner 1.74 EUR 1.34 EUR 1.27 EUR
inkjet 1.30 EUR 1.03 EUR 0.92 EUR
Book specification
Inside block printing type technology
Technology designed to print with lots of difficult graphics as well as for small and very small print runs. Suitable for all types of graphics, particularly desirable for difficult work, with lots of illustrations, large solids etc. High density printing, very black, the colour darker than in offset (litho) print. The edges of the mark observed by microscope are very clearly visible. Suitable for printing on all used by us papers from 70 gsm.
No. of B/W pages pages
Paper, B/W pages
No. of colour pages pages
Paper, colour pages
Type pages in colour accordingly to PDF file
(not book pages)
Cover specification
Cover type
Flap width mm
Cover print
A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually emphasize existing colour, providing a glossy (or lens) effect.
VAT Tax on books
Choose your product. NOTICE:quotation below is in nett price. The VAT tax will be added while ordering and will appear on to your invoice.
Type the title of book. It will be shown on the invoice. Notice: Required only at 5% VAT.
Type the correct number of ISBN for the title above. It will be shown on the invoice. Notice: Required only at 5% VAT.
Additional parameters
Identifier of order
Please enter your internal order ID number. It will be placed on the invoice issued by us.
Price per copy
Book spine
Production time
7-14 working days

All orders are subjected to our terms and conditions


All prices are a net price

Payment conditions 

• Payment in advance by bank transfer or online

• Payment by bank transfer with respite term of payment (trade loan), however only after filing particular documents  


Door-to-door by UPS, packages up to 30 kg.

• Delivery in Republic of Ireland is 28